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Vinous: 93 Points for GAJA Darmagi Langhe 2016

Darmagi Dop NVAntonio Galloni of Vinous has awarded a score of 93 points to GAJA Darmagi Langhe 2016.

93 points
GAJA Darmagi Langhe 2016

“The 2016 Darmagi (Cabernet Sauvignon) is classy and polished, with good varietal character and impeccable balance. Crème de cassis, menthol, licorice and lavender all develop in the glass in this unctuous yet mid-weight, wonderfully expressive, Cabernet Sauvignon. Darmagi will never be a truly great Cabernet Sauvignon, but it is a very fine Gaja wine that reaches this level because of Angelo Gaja’s iron-clad will and determination to make it so.”



Vinous: 97 Points for GAJA Barolo Conteisa 2015

Conteisa NVAntonio Galloni of Vinous has awarded an exceptional score of 97 points to GAJA Barolo Conteisa 2015.

97 points
GAJA Barolo Conteisa 2015

“The 2015 Barolo Conteisa is a heady, exotic wine, and also one of the most complete, alluring Conteisas I have ever tasted. Conteisa is usually a wine of grace and understatement. The 2015, on the other hand, is a bold, sweeping Barolo that saturates the palate with stunning depth and volume. Even with all of its intensity, the 2015 remains vibrant. This is such a complete, harmonious wine.”

Vinous: 100 Points for GAJA Sorì Tildìn 2016

ST_DOP_NVAntonio Galloni of Vinous has awarded a perfect score of 100 points to GAJA Sorì Tildìn 2016.

100 points
GAJA Sorì Tildìn 2016

“The 2016 Barbaresco Sorì Tildìn is a fabulous, incredibly complete wine that soars out of the glass with explosive structure and vertical lift. The tannins are very much present, but also matched beautifully by the wine’s aromatic intensity and overall drive. Dark macerated cherry, spice, leather, licorice, plum and mocha add darker shades of nuance. In 2016, Sorì Tildìn is a bit more brooding and bigger than it often is, and yet all the elements are impeccably balanced. It is quite simply a majestic wine of real grandeur and total class, but it is not obvious. Sorì Tildìn will appeal most to readers who understand what the truest essence of Nebbiolo is all about. In a word: magnificent!”

Vinous: 96 Points for GAJA Barbaresco 2016

Barbaresco NV_DOPAntonio Galloni of Vinous has awarded a score of 96 points to GAJA Barbaresco 2016.

96 points
GAJA Barbaresco 2016
“Gaja’s 2016 Barbaresco is positively stellar. A wine of poise and grace, the 2016 has so much to offer. Expressive spice and floral notes open up first, but what really stands out is the wine’s nuance and delineation. There is a sense of translucency to the 2016 that is impossible to miss. Sweet red cherry, mint, cinnamon and rose petal develop in the glass, adding further shades of nuance. Quite simply, the 2016 is one of the very finest Gaja Barbarescos in recent memory. This is such a gorgeous wine. Don’t miss it.”

Vinous: 98 Points for GAJA Sperss 2015

Sperss NVAntonio Galloni of Vinous has awarded an exceptional score of 98 points to GAJA Sperss 2015.

98 points
GAJA Sperss 2015

“The 2015 Barolo Sperss shows all of the darkness and muscle that are so typical of Serralunga. Black cherry, plum, licorice, incense, gravel, cured meats and scorched earth infuse this potent, backward wine with tremendous character. My impression is that the extraction and oak are all a bit more pushed here relative to the other wines in the range.”

Vinous: 98+ Points for GAJA Sorì San Lorenzo 2016

SSL_DOP_NV-2Antonio Galloni of Vinous has awarded an exceptional score of 98+ points to GAJA Sorì San Lorenzo 2016.

98+ points
GAJA Sorì San Lorenzo 2016

“The 2016 Barbaresco Sorì San Lorenzo is an eternal wine that will need 10-15 years in bottle to truly come around. Sorì San Lorenzo is often a big, virile wine. There is plenty of heft to the 2016, but at the same time, I also find an element of refinement and nuance that Sorì San Lorenzo has rarely, if ever, shown. Black cherry, cloves, menthol, licorice, gravel and incense are some of the many aromas and flavor that meld together in this dramatic and dramatically beautiful Barbaresco from the Gaja family. The Sorì San Lorenzo just explodes on the finish, with an array of aromas, flavors and textures that will leave readers weak at the knees. The 2016 is an outrageously beautiful, vivid wine of real gravitas and power.”


Vinous: 98 Points for GAJA Costa Russi 2016

CR_DOP_NVAntonio Galloni of Vinous has awarded an exceptional score of 98 points to GAJA Costa Russi 2016.

98 points
GAJA Costa Russi 2016
“The 2016 Barbaresco Costa Russi is ripe, creamy and enveloping, as it so often is, and yet also preserves the super classic sense of structure that runs through all these wines. In 2016, Costa Russi has an extra touch of mid-palate sweetness that gives the wine its sense of immediacy. Succulent red cherry, rosewater, kirsch, mint and dried flowers meld together in the glass. Soft and sensual, with tons of allure, Costa Russi is another winner from Gaja. Time in the glass brings out the wine’s density and tannins, both of which it has in spades.”

Jeb Dunnuck: 90 Points for GAJA Alteni di Brassica 2017

Alteni di Brassica Dop NVJeb Dunnuck has awarded a score of 90 points to GAJA Alteni di Brassica 2017.

90 points 
GAJA Alteni di Brassica 2017

“First released in 1983 (as was the Gaia & Ray Chardonnay), the 2017 Langhe Alteni di Brassica is a mineral-driven, bright, and juicy expression of Sauvignon Blanc that offers terrific notes of crushed citrus, green herbs, lime, and subtle hints of tart pineapple. With bright acidity, medium body, and terrific balance, it’s an incredibly classy Sauvignon Blanc that’s terrific today, yet I suspect will age gracefully for at least 5-7 years if you’re so inclined.”



Jeb Dunnuck: 94 Points for GAJA Gaia & Rey 2017

Gaia & Rey NVJeb Dunnuck has awarded a score of 94 points to GAJA Gaia & Rey 2017.

94 points
GAJA Gaia & Rey 2017

“The 2017 Gaia & Rey reminds me of a top Sonoma Coast Chardonnay with is incredible salty minerality as well as classic Chardonnay notes of stone fruits, caramelized pineapple, white flowers, and hints of baking spices. Rich, medium-bodied, beautifully balanced, it’s a beautiful and classy white well worth drinking and cellaring. First released in 1983, this cuvee is named after Lucia and Angelo Gaja’s daughter, Gaia Gaja, and Angelo Gaja’s grandmother Clotilde Rey.”



Jeb Dunnuck: 93+ Points for GAJA Darmagi Langhe 2016

Darmagi Dop NVJeb Dunnuck has awarded a score of 93+ points to GAJA Darmagi Langhe 2016.

93+ points
GAJA Darmagi Langhe 2016

“Made from 100% Cabernet Sauvignon brought up in 30% new oak, the 2016 Langhe Darmagi is an inky hued 2016 that has powerful notes of black fruits, scorched earth, tobacco leaf, and lead pencil. It’s more elegant and lively on the palate than the nose would have you believe, yet it still has a Pauillac-like stature and structure, with medium to full body, plenty of ripe tannins, good acidity, and a great finish. It’s a terrific wine, but 4-5 years of bottle age are warranted.”