Pictet: “The Success of Gaja’s Winery is Built Around Tradition and Innovation”

Pictet Wealth Management featured the Gaja family in the May 1, 2020 edition of Perspectives, in the article The Success of Gaja’s Winery is Built Around Tradition and Innovation: In Conversation with Gaia, Lucia, Rossana, Angelo, and Giovanni. The article was accompanied by the video Multi-Generational Wealth, Gaja.

As the fifth generation of the family prepares to take on the mantle of running the business, they’re looking to replicate their father’s willingness to always do things differently.

The labels that adorn the bottles from the Gaja winery in northwest Italy are unusually simple, merely displaying the name of the winery, the name of the wine, and the vintage. However, they weren’t always so minimalist. In fact, a look back through the vineyard’s archive of old bottles, dating as far back as the nineteenth century, shows that these labels were once festooned with medals, award crests, and lots of intricate decoration.

My grandfather started the process of taking away the medals and the awards,” says Gaia Gaja. “In the end, he gave more importance to another aspect of the label: his name.” In this way, she says, the labels are a bit like the wines themselves. “The idea is to arrive at an essence of design or an essence of style,” she explains. “Real luxury is taking away what is superficial and unneeded, and getting to the essence of things.” “

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