Wine Spectator: Angelo & Gaia Gaja, Climate Change Challenge

Wine Spectator featured Gaia and Angelo Gaja in a wonderful video focused on how they are meeting the challenges that climate change poses for winemaking.


“Angelo Gaja and his daughter Gaia share how their vineyard practices are changing with the climate. The enlightening –and humorous– presentation touches on compost, worms, vine moths, cypress trees, beehives, Pope Francis and, oh, so much more…”

Highlights of their remarks include: 

“The grape variety and the soil, in the life of the vineyard, stay the same,” Angelo began. “What changes are the climate conditions.” In recent years, he has seen the growing season start earlier, the ripening process quicken, harvest begin too early, vineyard pests become more problematic, and sugar and alcohol increase beyond their preferred levels.

“Today, we have to find new ways to keep our vineyard alive,” Gaia furthered. “Our knowledge and our experience are not enough anymore because changes are rapid, and we have to find new ways to make our vineyards adapt.”


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