Climate Change and the 2019 GAJA Harvest

GAJA is an established leader in addressing the urgent issue of climate change and its impact on winemaking. Their vineyard practices have evolved to include several innovative measures that mitigate the effects of a dramatically changing climate.

In 2015, Wine Spectator reported on their approach and said, “The Gajas are proactively facing these new challenges, working with vineyard consultants, improving soils by switching from manure to compost (aided by California red worms) and combatting pests such as moths by disrupting their mating with pheromones instead of relying on pesticides. They’ve increased biodiversity on their Piedmont estate as well, planting cypress trees and cultivating bees.”

GAJA’s efforts have proven very effective. The following photos, taken during the 2019 harvest season, show that in spite of the challenges created by climate change, GAJA’s vineyards are healthy and continue to yield grapes of exceptional quality.