Robb Report: ‘A Pair of Beautifully Atypical Reds from Gaja”

The September 2016 Robb Report explores DaGromis and Sito Moresco, two wines that “are among the least known from GAJA, though no less delicious.”

dagromis-sito moresco

The September 2016 Robb Report explores GAJA’s DaGromis Barolo as well as Sito Moresco – two wines that “are among the least known from GAJA, though no less delicious,” according to writer Brett Anderson.

In introducing the wines, Anderson notes that evolution of the GAJA winery after Angelo Gaja “took up the reins of the firm in 1961.” He writes:

Angelo was dedicated to elevating the quality of his wines and the reputation of Barbaresco, and he employed many then-controversial techniques, such as using temperature-controlled fermentation tanks and French barriques. He also introduced international grape varieties to the region and acquired two vineyards in Barolo.

Anderson then describes “two of the wines to emerge from these latter initiatives,” writing:

The Gaja 2012 Barolo DaGromis ($75), sourced from the sites purchased by Angelo, presents an elegant bouquet of heliotrope, sandalwood, and anise. On the palate, raspberry, allspice and leather notes overlay a vibrant acidity. The Gaja 2013 Sito Moresco Langhe ($50)—a blend of Nebbiolo, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon—combines luscious red-cherry, strawberry, and currant flavors of the Italian grape with the structure imparted by the fresh varieties.

See the winery notes for DaGramis here, and those for Sito Moresco here.

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