Decanter: ‘Gaja goes back to Barbaresco with single vineyard wines’

Decanter’s Chris Mercer has posted a report on the news that three single-vineyard GAJA wines will be labeled as “Barbaresco” after seventeen years under the Langhe designation.

Gaia Gaja, daughter of renowned winemaker Angelo Gaja, said she and her siblings, Rossana and Giovanni, have chosen to take the three red wines back under the Barbaresco appellation umbrella.

The wines, Costa Russi, Sorì Tildin and Sorì San Lorenzo, will be labelled as appellation Barbaresco DOP – equivalent to DOCG under new EU rules – from the 2013 vintage release.

It means that all must be made with 100% Nebbiolo grapes.

Since the 1996 vintage, the wines have used the ‘Langhe’ denomination, after Angelo Gaja decided that they would benefit from up to 15% of Barbera grapes in the final blend….

It was not a decision taken against her father’s will, she added. ‘It’s a decision we long thought about and to which we’ve come thanks also to the support of our father [Angelo Gaja].’

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