Wine Spectator: ‘Gaja Returns to Barbaresco’

Bruce Sanderson of the Wine Spectator reports on an announcement by Gaia Gaja that beginning with the 2013 vintage, GAJA will designate its three single-vineyard reds—Costa Russi, Sorì Tildin and Sorì San Lorenzo—as appellation-specific Barbaresco. The wines will be made using 100 percent Nebbiolo and will carry the official EU designation DOP (Denominazione Origine Protetta).

From the article:

Since the 1996 vintage, the wines have been labeled under the less-stringent Langhe designation, which allows the blending of other grape varieties, in Gaja’s case Barbera, up to 15 percent. Gaja patriarch and Gaia’s father Angelo Gaja shocked the world when he made this decision in 2000, but always insisted he was simply elevating the status of the family’s blended Barbaresco. At the time, he feared the traditional way of making Barbaresco by blending several plots together was viewed as a lesser wine than the three single vineyards.

Times are different now, according to Gaia, who has been working alongside her father for 12 years, and has recently been joined by her sister Rossana and brother Giovanni. “Now is time for us to make our own choices. Together we want to follow our own path, which is to have the single vineyards back to the Barbaresco denomination and to devote ourselves to Nebbiolo and fully enhance its expression.”

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