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Nourish Magazine Captures the Essence of GAJA

nourish gaia

Nourish, the independent print magazine about food, entertaining and building community, has published a feature on Gaia Gaja that combines beautiful photography and insightful writing to capture the essence of GAJA wines.

The piece touches on the history of the winery, its iconic stature, and its work to adapt and evolve amid a changing climate. The flavor of the eight-page spread is captured well with this excerpt, in which writer Jayme Henderson says that with GAJA wines:

You’re getting the very best expression of a very particular grape, grown in a very environmentally specific region, under the most extraordinary and tedious care, championed by the most energetic brand representative. Gaja’s wines are living examples of a thriving ecosystem, rooted in family, hard work, sustainability, and vision.

You can view and download a PDF of the full piece by click here.