Gaia Gaja Featured in Le Pan ‘The Art of Fine Wine Living’

Gaia Gaja (via Le Pan)

In this two hour interview, Gaia Gaja talks about her grandfather Giovanni’s mission to put Barbaresco on the map, the innovations that Angelo Gaja put into practice in the 1970s when he took over the winery and Gaia’s plans for the family business in the future.

Gaia pays close attention to the vineyards’ soil these days and has turned a lot of her mind to the non-indigenous varietals, “the 35-year-old Chardonnay vineyard that produces Gaia & Rey, the Cabernet Sauvignon for Darmagi, and Alteni di Brassica Sauvignon Blanc. “We think that now we have enough experience to start our own clonal selection so that we can be totally self-sufficient.”

“There are a few wine producers around the world that can claim responsibility for the success of their region: Robert Mondavi and Napa, for example, or Torres and Penedès. There are fewer that define their territory in the way Gaja defines Barbaresco. There are formidable neighbors – Bruno Giacosa, Marchesi di Grésy – but none that are so synonymous with this part of Piedmont. Gaja has world renown, but it is also utterly local.”

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