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Sorì San Lorenzo

Sorì San Lorenzo
Appellation: Langhe Nebbiolo DOC
Grape varieties: 95% Nebbiolo, 5% Barbera

This wine made history when it became one of the earliest single-vineyard bottlings of Nebbiolo in Piedmont with the 1967 vintage.

Sourced from the GAJA winery’s top growing site, San Lorenzo, located just south of the village of Barbaresco in the famed cru Secondine, the wine is made with 95 percent Nebbiolo grapes and 5 percent Barbera, an old practice that was once more common in Piedmont.

In 2000, with the release of the legendary 1996 vintage, GAJA decided to reclassify this wine and use the Langhe Nebbiolo DOC appellation on the label, omitting the Barbaresco DOCG.

In part, the motivation for this change was purely semantic. As the number of single-vineyard bottlings grew in Piedmont in the 1990s, their popularity began to eclipse the importance of the traditional, classic Barbaresco, a cuvée or blend of many different vineyards. In a sense, the gesture was meant as testament to the winery’s steadfast belief that Barbaresco is one of the great wines of the world and should be accompanied by rather than overshadowed by its single-vineyard fellows.