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Gaia Gaja pours 89 Sperss by the glass in SF

Above: The dining room at Acquerello is one of the most elegant gastronomic destinations in the U.S. today.

On Wednesday night in San Francisco, at one of they city’s most thrilling dining destinations, the elegant Acquerello in Nob Hill, guests were treated to an unusual surprise.

Upon being seated, they were informed that Gaia Gaja was one of the sommeliers for the evening and that she would be pouring a flight of her family’s wines by the glass.

The flight:

Rossj-Bass 2011
Barbaresco 2008
DaGromis 2007
Darmagi 2000
Ca’ Marcanda Magari 2009
Pieve Santa Restituta Brunello di Montalcino Rennina 2007
Barolo Sperss 1989

“I’d seen this format in more casual restaurants,” said wine director Gianpaolo Paterlini, son of owner Giancarlo. “And I wasn’t sure how well it would work here since we only do prix fixe and tasting menus. But the guests loved it.”

Acquerello is widely considered one of the finest Italian restaurants in the U.S. and its list, “two thousand labels deep,” says Gianpaolo, focuses on Piedmont.

Indeed, the Darmagi 2000 and the Barolo Sperss 1989 came from Acquerello’s legendary cellar.

“We had a great night,” said Giancarlo, Gaia was “magnificent… elegant, engaging, humble, respectful, and she worked very hard the entire evening.”

“We were very happy with the event,” added Gianpaolo, “we have sixteen vintages of GAJA’s classic Barbaresco on our list, going back to 1964, and we have horizontals of 1988 and 1985. It was a thrill to have her in the restaurant.”

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