Gambero Rosso gives “four stars” to Gaja for record number of 3 Glass awards

From the 2011 Gambero Rosso Guide to the Wines of Italy:

Three Glasses

Gaja Langhe Nebbiolo Costa Russi 2007
Gaja Langhe Sorì Tildìn 2007
Ca’ Marcanda Camarcanda 2007

The Editor’s “Plus” Wines

Gaja Langhe Costa Russi 2007

4 Stars

for the number of 3 Glass (Tre Bicchieri) awards

“A total of 137 wineries have won at least ten Three Glass awards in the 24 editions of Italian Wines. They are the elite, the aristocracy, in short the very top flight of Italian wine. In first place, it’s that man again, Angelo Gaja, with 47 awards and a stunning four Stars. Ca’ del Bosco and La Spinetta are in second place with 35 prizes and Three Stars each, followed by the rest [One Star].”